ArtSaver Development Support

For developing and maintaining ArtSaver, a screen saver for Mac, a donation is always highly appreciated. With a donation, you will be entitled to betas and pre-final versions for free for eternity.  (Just for reference, a cup of coffee costs 4 Euros where I live, but really any amount is welcome!). 

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    Donor Wall40

    Anonymous | 20 €

    Exactly what I've been looking for! Thanks

    John RH | 10 €

    At last! Well done!

    Marc | 20 €

    Love the app! Lets us see our family all day long.

    Paul | 25 €

    Thanks again! Paul


    Thanks Gabriel! Love this! Would be great to have a keyboard shortcut to go full screen. cheers! --tom


    My mother really enjoys the screensaver since it shows her the name and folder, would love to see the location name via the GPS coordinates in a future update!

    Barbara Hitt | 50 €

    I love this app and find it very useful since I am a photographer. I didn't realize it would run under Monterey so had avoided upgrading my Mac for years! Got in touch with developer who kindly answered my email, and now it is working perfectly!

    Simon Foster | 20 €

    Dan | 50 €

    It took me a LOT of searching to find this... but it does just what I wanted. It let's me throw beautiful book quote images from the app into a folder on my Mac and have them as my screen saver... thank you!!

    Lawrence S


    Love it! Monterey OS caused all my photo screensavers to stop working. This is a great replacement until Apple gets off their arse. :)

    Anonymous | $25

    The ability to display IPTC information on the pictures is something I have missed from the Apple screensavers for years. I would like the screensaver to play a video file when it gets to it in the rotation.

    Martin Liss | 20 €

    Anonymous | 50 €

    Outstanding work. I was a programmer, and now a manager of programmers, so I have some perspective. Great job and thanks for filling a real gap in Mac functionality (especially for us photographers)!

    David | 20 €

    Thanks for a great app!

    Remigijus | 20 €

    I have had to work around Apple's lack of imagination in tis area for quite some time now. I am so pleased to have found your app. someone mentioned this app in one of my many searches for answers. Thank you so much!

    Jim | 20 €

    Kosmas | 20 €

    Thank you, I used this for years on my Mac. Please consider open-sourcing it so that the community can add improvements/bug fixes/updates!


    Very good screen saver. It is possible for a next version, to have the capability to set the duration for each image in milliseconds instead in seconds ? That will give the possibility to synchronize the screen saver with an audio regarding the BPM. An other one suggestion: To save the screen saver sequence in a video file format (.mov ou .mp4)

    Ernest Muller | $100

    Hans | 10 €

    keep up the good work!

    Guy | 5 €

    Jeff | 50 €

    Nicely done! THANK YOU!


    A screensaver for Catalina with working keys (back, forward, pause) would be wonderful!

    Tracy | 20 €

    So glad I found you in the Apple Community comments!

    Christoph | 20 €

    Bryan Lewis | 10 €


    Wow! The update works great. Thank you very much.

    Eric | 100 €

    To encourage the development of a version for Catalina.

    Andrew Giffin | 100 €

    The best means ever for family, friends, and colleagues to see so many photos. Everyone loves the ability to pause, go back, and see info… lots of conversations start this way! Thank you for continuing to develop for Catalina.