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Reverend Annie Chambers is a HUD RAB Delegate for the Public Housing Project that she lives in, Douglas Homes in Baltimore's Eastside. Rev Chambers has always done sporadic food giveaways to the residents of Douglas Homes and the surrounding poor and homeless population. But since COVID 19 hit she's had to start doing daily food giveaways every weekday.

The demand in her community is great. From meals, to groceries, to cleaning supplies, to toiletries. Her community is deeply in need. We're keeping an active list (see below) of items you can drop off or have delivered. But if there's anyway you can help her with a financial donation she'd greatly appreciate it.

There are certain items that we'll be making runs to the grocery store to get on a weekly basis. There are many residents in Douglas Homes that are disabled, elderly, mothers of newborns and other individuals that can't leave their home. It's crucial that we get food and essential household supplies to these people.

Please donate today! We'll take any amount you can spare!

We also accept donations delivered to Annie Chambers. Her address is: 247 N Dallas Court, Baltimore, MD 21231

We're currently seeking: paper towels, bleach, any kind of soap, shampoo, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, laundry detergent, diapers (adult and baby), baby formula, floor cleaner, Lysol, eggs, milk, ground beef, meat, potatoes, onions, greens, veggies.

Please share this donation website with others so we can get the word out!

For additional information call Rev Chambers at 443-768-7682 or call or text us at 410-996-4848

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RYLLXR | $50


Encouraged by everyone's efforts to support each other. Best wishes of good health to all.

Corey Gaber | $155

Cristina Duncan Evans | $75

Anonymous | $52.07

There before the grace of God go I! I have been where you all are, and if it wasn’t for God and my family, I wouldn’t have made it. I know you all are struggling and afraid, but STAY STRONG, AND PRAY! God and Jesus will see us ALL THROUGH. 🙏🏾 STAY SAFE! 🙏🏾