Grand things are coming to al-muqri!

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al-muqri ( has become an overnight hit, getting 100,000+ visits a day! Muslims from over 50 countries love it (especially how suitable it is for kids), but I want to make it even more amazing. I'm raising a little bit of money to make that possible.

The main features I'm planning for:

  • Apps (Android & iPhone) that work fully offline
  • Tajweed-colored Ayahs
  • Inline explanations of tajweed concepts
  • Mushaf view with highlighting ayahs (✔)
  • Better server
  • More reciters
  • More languages (✔)
  • More speed

Update (April 7th):

- I've added 15 languages, making the total 28 languages!

- I've updated the mushaf fonts to the newest fonts, which are more finely drawn and match the mushafs most people have.

- I've added the mushaf view.

Update (April 21st):
- Initial app released for Android (offline support is still in the works).

I'd like to thank the many people who have generously funded these efforts, جزاكم الله خيرا.