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        For a limited time you can purchase one of our new T-shirts and let the world know you support our efforts to help children in need! Fill out your information, select a size and we will get your shirt to you. If ordering more than one shirt: donate the amount times the number of shirts, I.e. 1 shirt - $15, 2 shirts - $30, 3 shirts - $45. Write shirt sizes in the comments box. Thank you!!!

        Donor Wall11

        Joan | $30

        Such a beautiful way to honor your mother and make the world better. Thank you for touching our hearts.

        Dianne Taylor | $100

        What a wonderful thing you are doing for children who have no one but the rest of humanity to help them. Thank you for letting me help. And Bless You All.

        Dianne Taylor | $15

        anne marie cordingly | $15

        Carol | $50

        John Knemeyer | $15

        I'll wear this shirt as I am out and about doing errands or having fun. Word of AK is getting around in this area. Hopefully someone will recognize the name and stop me for information.

        Ann | $100

        The article in today’s Post took me back to grade school and the year I had to wear shoes that were too big. I can still hear two teachers talking about me saying “Here comes Ann in her awful shoes” as I clomped down a flight of metal stairs.

        Julia | $500

        Lynn | $250

        This morning’s Washington Post column about all the children in need made me cry about just how fortunate my family is. Keep up the good work.

        Nadine | $50

        Thank you for your compassionate actions!

        Ivan | $100

        As a father of three and a community sports coach, I love your mission of caring for our children. It’s amazing what a new pair of shoes can do to a child’s self esteem. Keep up the amazing work!