Asher's Kickin' MIB 8th Birthday FUN-draiser!

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Hi, I'm Asher Frei. For my 8th Birthday, I want to be an MIB (Make It Better) Agent (!!!) by doing a fundraiser instead of gifts for my birthday. MIB helps to Kick Cancer's Tush for kids! Check out their home page and mission statement. This past year my school friend's brother lived through serious bone cancer. I learned through his Facebook page (Super Joshua: Kicking Cancer's Butt) that Childhood Cancer does not get the same amount of funding that other cancers receive. That really bothers me because that's not fair!!! I chose to do this donation drive and I know that my birthday fundraiser will not raise as much money as needed, but I want to do my part. Please help me. Instead of a gift, please think about donating money to MIB to help kids with cancer. When you hit that donation button, you won't just make me smile for my birthday, you will make a difference!

#HappyBirthdayToMe #KickingCancerInTheTush #BeAnMIBAgentWithMe #SuperJoshuaIsMySuperHero #KidsCancerDeservesMoreAttention #ILoveKickingCancerAndSoccerBalls

THANK YOU for Making It Better for Kids with Osteosarcoma!:

Adriana Alcala $35.00

Liam Freeman $100

Elena Samofalova $50

Richard & Martha Glasser $500 

Oli & Leo Sperber $360

Sasha Palmer $25

Jordan Levy $50

Preston Jaffa $25

Harrison Hodes $50

Laura & Paul Baker $50

Ella Kodner $50

Evegny Garbovsky $100

Evelyn Colak $40

Augusta Family $36

Bernstein Family $50

Bez Family $50

Frei Family $118

Garfi Family $50

Glasser Family $25

LaPenta Family $250

Segal Family $360

Van Buskirk Family $25