Goat Rearing Enterprise

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We need your help to start a Goat rearing business for 10 African village women. We need you to help give them a 'Hand Up'.

With your help, the 20 women can start a business with a herd of 10 goats each.  Each woman's herd of 10 goats will have babies in 5 months, so each woman can have 18-22 goats after 5 months and a herd of up to 80 goats in 15 months! 

These goats will provide milk for her children and she can sell some of the he goats to earn money to send her children to School and pay for their medical care!  Yes, you can make change happen, you can change her life today and the future for her children. 

We may not be able to change their sad history, but you can help us change their future, and they'll never need AID ever again!

You can help make change happen.