Adopt Multiple Chimps

Your contribution through virtual adoption goes directly to help feed, house and care for the chimpanzees at LCRP's sanctuary in West Africa! Thank for your support and generosity!

In order to maintain our "go green" policy, adoption images, profiles and certificates are sent via email. If this is a gift for someone, please ensure his/her name is included in the comment section!

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      Donor Wall46

      Sandra Gallagher | $100


      Thank you.

      Eamonn | $100

      Thank you for the amazing work you are doing for these beautiful animals.


      Thank you for your wonderful work loving these beautiful creatures. Loving the documentary, it's heart warming. Margaret.


      Loved the documentary's, inspiring work

      Mike Knul | $100

      Wonderful work, thankyou.

      Joky Van Waeyenberghe | $100

      We want to adopt 2 chimpanzees for my sister, Joky, as a birthday present. She worked with animals as a volunteer several times now and this is her biggest birthday wish. For her family to help as well! We really appreciate your work as an organisation, Thank you!!!

      Yazhini | $100

      You guys are truly inspiring. Keep up the great work!

      Kate | $200

      We had our 11th birthday party yesterday and asked for donations to you charity instead of presents. Our friends were very generous and we raised £200 for your amazing work with these gorgeous animals. Karri, Charlotte ,Matilda

      Ethan LEMON | $150

      I really loved watching the chimps on the BBC programme and wanted to help! I washed cars on my street during school holidays and made enough money to adopt 3 chimps!

      Conal | $100

      Our son Max used his saved up pocket money to sponsor Bui and Chance and we agreed to match it with two chimps of our own. Conal & Isabella

      Conal | $100

      We think you are doing amazing work and really hope you complete the sanctuary! I'm renaming some of my monkeys (teddys) after your chimps. Max (age 10)🐒🐒🐒🐒

      Priscilla | $100

      Fantastic achievement, respect for your work! From Priscilla & Eddy (Belgium)

      Hazel Jones | $150

      Thank you for caring

      Marion | $100

      I only found out about your work through the BBC programme. My husband and I thought we would adopt a chimp for each other for St. Valentines Day. Keep up the great work.

      Kim Berkvens | $100

      Dear LRCP team, what an amazing job you are doing in Liberia. I was deeply moved by the care you are giving to the chimps! Thank you BBC for broadcasting this and making people around the world aware of this! Lot's of love from Belgium! Wish you all the best and good luck for a brighter future! ♡


      Thank you so much Jenny and James for what you are doing for them!

      Sarah | $200

      Your work is totally inspiring and I truly hope you get the funding you need for the new location

      Nicholas Duncan | $100

      The work you guys are doing is truly amazing. So glad the BBC has decided to show all the work you are doing and hopefully the donations come flooding in to get you and the chimps to the new location. Thank you so much and I look forward to watching all the amazing work you do in the future!

      Amy James | $100

      If it hadn't been for the BBC programme on TV then we would never have known about the chimps and the work you are doing. The chimps are beautiful and you are exceptional. Please do another one. I am using my pocket money to help. Good luck with the sanctuary! From Amy age 12.

      Kate & Pete Moore | $100

      We think the work you do is amazing for the chimps. We cried and laughed watching the program and wanted to do a bit to help. Wish we could do more. Hope there will be a follow up program seeing the chimps in the forest where they should be. Keep up the amazing work you truly are special people xx

      Jayne Blanshard | $100

      Keep on with the fantastic work you are doing! Would love to visit one day - we need more good guys like you in the world x

      Michelle | $100

      Lorraine & Thomas

      Have just watched the tv programme about your sanctuary, keep up the good work and hope the donation helps.

      Lisa | $100

      Dear Jenny, Jimmy, Princess and the LCRP team 😁 I wish to adopt Bui & Max. I wish I could adopt them all! You guys are truly amazing, absolutely inspirational. I so look forward to watching Baby Chimp Rescue, its the highlight of my week. I have cried and laughed with you. You have restored faith in human kind! Keep up the amazing work in raising these beautiful babies! Your safe haven will happen!

      Steve | $200

      Adopting Bui, Guey, Lucy and Gloria for our 4 grandsons who are animal mad and love visits to the local wildlife park, fantastic programme

      Lily Schofield | $100

      Adopting Ace and Lucy for my great grand son and great grand daughter Riley Hayward 8 years old and Missy Hayward 2 years old, so thwill learn how important it is to save these beautiful cute creatures .... thank you for your love n hard work , teaching them to be happy trusting and confident

      Mary | $150

      Good luck for the future

      Rob Porter | $100

      Incredible work guys and truly humbling, keep up the good work from the Porters in the UK 🇬🇧

      Jason Stokes | $100

      We’re two primary school children and we love the show. Thanks, Liberia Chimpanzees, for all your hard work. You’re an inspiration! Millie and Lauren