Adopt A Manta - INRA0154B

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    INRA0154B: This mature female Oceanic manta ray is the original “Mama Manta” (as opposed to our friend and manta scientist Steph, affectionately called the same name).  She has been spotted twice at Blue Magic in 2017, and both times she was pregnant! (raising more questions than answers about manta pregnancies and birth!)

    Likes:  the magic that baby mantas bring, and having a wellness treatment at Blue Magic Cleaning station

    Dislikes: Being told she’s “looking well” when in actual fact she’s just pregnant, and when humans get inside the cleaning station and disrupt her treatment.

    By adopting INRA0154B  you enable us to collaborate with the Marine Megafauna Foundation and help to fund essential research that seeks to further our understanding and protection of Raja Ampat's manta rays, through ongoing population monitoring, identification of critical habitats and advising regarding management & protection.

    Raja Ampat SEA Centre is a registered yayasan in Indonesia.