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      Donor Wall23

      Caroline Newman | $50/M

      Will aim to adopt them all over time when my eco store takes off . Love what you are doing - thank you

      sharyn rose | $50

      Lucy is amazing...I would also love to adopt sweet Georgia and donate in her honor and courage...

      Lynn | $50

      Grateful I am able to adopt Max for another year and that you are out there rescuing, rehabilitating and protecting our cousins 💚 Thank you x


      Adoption for my sister Sylvia Lemarcq


      Andreas | $50/M

      Thank you very much for your dedication to help our relatives

      Elyse | $50

      Bless you for your wonderful work in saving these baby chimps. I saw your documentary on CNN and was very touched by your dedication. Thank you!

      Judy Chan

      Daniel | $50

      Deborah | $50

      Valentina Bohn | $50

      Elaine Wall | $50

      Thank you for your work LCRP team!! Love from Germany


      Lance | $50

      Keep up the great work and tell all the little ones hello for me. Hope to see them again soon.

      Pieter van den Brink | $50

      Ramanan | $50/M

      Monique | $50

      Fawn Caldwell | $50


      To my dearest Ani ❤️ To aid the life of another on the day of your birth

      Sue | $50

      You are doing amazing work! I'll never forget holding orphaned chimps 30yrs ago when going down the Congo and seeing them in bird-cages at the market. Heartbreaking.

      Francesca de Chatel | $50

      This one is for my goddaughter Malaika! :-)

      Francesca de Chatel | $50

      Thank you Jimmy and Jenny for your AMAZING work!! I am adopting a chimp for each of my godchildren this Christmas. I so hope you raise the money for your new sanctuary this year and that you can move soon!

      Robyn Wood | $50