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Your contribution through virtual adoption goes directly to help feed, house and care for the chimpanzees at LCRP's sanctuary in West Africa! Thank for your support and generosity!

In order to maintain our "go green" policy, adoption images, profiles and certificates are sent via email. If this is a gift for someone, please ensure his/her name is included in the comment section!

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      Donor Wall878

      Cynthia Patterson | $50

      Mirjam | $50

      You all doing an amazing job ❤️

      Lynn Vaghela | $50

      Paula | $50

      Daphne Brett | $50

      Our family has taken part in a Yard sale that happens every year near our house. I, Daphne sold my cards at it and raised money to help support Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection because my favourite animal is a chimpanzee and my whole family helped raise money at the Yard sale too, to help the chimps. I sold my Daphne Designs cards, my older sister sold hand knitted scarves, My older brother did busking with his violin, my younger sister played the ocarina and we all sold peppermint creams we made. Me and my little sister chose Gaia the chimpanzee because we like her story and she is a very cute chimpanzee. We hope LCRP is doing very well and all the chimps are happy!

      George | $50

      Ksenia | $50

      Growing up, my favorite stuffed animal was a chimpanzee.

      Tove | $50

      Sorry to hear about the bush fire and hope that you are all ok! With love from Sweden through a happy sponsor of Sweet Pea <3

      Elizabeth | $50

      The work you are doing is wonderful. I wish there were more people like you in the world!

      João | $50

      Love the work you do, it's not much but I hope it helps this beautiful cause

      Elysia Skye

      Sending love, powerful energy and abundant joy to this little angel! Thank you for being such a wonderful organization!

      Alex Jolley

      Love from Ava Jolley (Barnham UK) XX

      Rose | $50

      I was touched by Johnny. The sight of him screaming in fear when he was rescued, the alcohol, the mistreatment. I was sickened. He deserves a forever home. He seems like a sweet boy. Amazed by these creature's ability to trust and love again. Your work is a godsend.

      Davina | $50

      Amanda | $50


      I will never forget Guey! Hope she is happy to be adopted by me.

      Anonymous | $50

      Great work being done by you. Happy to help Gloria x

      Wendy | $50


      Ever since I have seen the TV series, I follow the LCRP. Adopting my open chimp Jack is the least I van for these great group of people dedicating their lives for the mobile cause.

      Lisa | $50/M

      Watching your Documentary on the work you do has given me a joy. My husband, known as Poppy to our grandkids, passed in October 2021 from a degenerative brain disease. I loved him and I love what you are doing for these babies.

      Stuart | $50

      The work you all do is amazing well done Jill

      Geneva | $50

      Tracy | $50

      Daphne | $50

      My name is Daphne, I’m 11 years old, I love painting and my favourite animal is chimpanzees! I have a card business, that I started last March. Most of the money I make I donate to Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection, after I heard about you on the BBC episodes about LCRP. I have already adopted Johnny, Ella, Lucy and now I have decided to adopt Chance because of her sad, inspiring story about how she came to LCRP so injured and now she has recovered amazingly and shone her true personality. Thank you for all you have done, you make such a significant difference to the world every single day!

      William Parker | $50

      We loved watching the Baby Chimp Rescue and think what you are doing for all those adorable and funny chimps is amazing. This adoption is a present for my son William, who particularly like Bui.


      Keep up the great work 👍🏻

      Alexandra | $50


      Bravo and thank you for everything you are doing. I hope the locals and the government will continue to understand that wildlife is important and protect them

      Amelie Norrie | $50

      Leo looks like a charming young boy!

      Amelie Norrie | $50

      Bui looks so sweet and charming!