Adopt A Chimp

Your contribution through virtual adoption goes directly to help feed, house and care for the chimpanzees at LCRP's sanctuary in West Africa! Thank for your support and generosity!

In order to maintain our "go green" policy, adoption images, profiles and certificates are sent via email. If this is a gift for someone, please ensure his/her name is included in the comment section!

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      Donor Wall605


      Myself and my partner recently watched the programme you were featured on on the BBC and fell in love with all of the chimps and your hard work and commitment and wanted to help support your fantastic endeavours.


      Hi I am Sean I loved watching chimp rescue and I loved all the chimps. Hi I am Carson. My favourite chimps were JoJo and Poppy.

      Diane | $50

      kirk | $50

      Chris Schøne | $50

      Me and my girlfriend just watched the series and cannot believe how lucky you are to be able to take care and give these precious people a new life! I hope I can do my part and help in theie well being and adventure back to the forest. I hope I can one day come visit and help out. Keep up the good fight! Love, Chris

      Ben | $50

      Your work is amazing, thank you!

      Miriam | $50

      You are doing a fantastic job! Thank you. Love from Norway.


      Keep up the wonderful work. The World would be a better place if there were more people like you and your staff x

      Karen | $50

      What a wonderful family you are ... wishing you success with all your girls and boys!

      Anonymous | $50

      Annemarie | $50

      Well done to you all for the wonderful work you do with these beautiful primates.

      Marianne | $50

      I recently saw your amazing documentary. I hope this helps all chimpanzees.

      Barb Heininger | $50

      Mother's Day gift for Grandma Barb Heininger

      Cameron McLaughlin | $50

      Keep up the fantastic work you're doing! Lots of love from Lucy and Cammy


      Thank you to everyone involved in thy is project for everything you do - we absolutely loved the BBC series - especially the antics of Max!

      Ella | $50

      For all the amazing work you do. Lots of love to Ella from Ella x

      Eloise Posthumus | $50

      With lots of love and hugs, Dean and Eloise Posthumus.

      KCE | $50

      We would like to thank all the very special people involved in this initiative

      Sarah | $50

      You are beautiful people doing an amazing job. You are truly inspirational.


      Loved the BBC documentary, you do fantastic work. All the very best for the future of the sanctuary- hopefully your vision will be realised. Also hope your dream of no more orphans in Liberia comes true. Lots of love.

      Lesley Waters | $50

      Sheila | $50

      You are doing an amazing job! Lots of love x

      Caroline Barnes | $50

      Cmo- Happy birthday you CHIMP LOVING SQUIRREL FRIEND :) Hope you have fun monkeying around this year! Love, Galz

      Samantha Maybank | $50

      What a fantastic cause and help for this amazing species. We watched the programme on the UK BBC which inspired us to support.

      Josh Harland | $50

      Georgina Isherwood | $50

      This is a birthday gift for Kirk Miller, 28 April 2020.

      Elizabeth Harrington Cotsifas | $50

      In honor of my daughter Caroline and her 9th birthday. She is trying to find ways to live out her values of taking care of the earth and your work is special to her.

      Sue | $50

      I will promise to donate monthly to support the cruel injustice from humans of our nearest fluffiest of cousins. Your devotion & caring team is also proof there are amazing loving humans like Jenny,Jim & so many more activists creates HOPE for the future, I hope !!!

      Shona Ritchie | $50

      Max Ramhorst | $50