Adopt A Chimp

Your contribution through virtual adoption goes directly to help feed, house and care for the chimpanzees at LCRP's sanctuary in West Africa! Thank for your support and generosity!

In order to maintain our "go green" policy, adoption images, profiles and certificates are sent via email. If this is a gift for someone, please ensure his/her name is included in the comment section!

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      Donor Wall648

      Teresa | $50

      Fantastic work and I admire you both. Thank you

      Sara Dryden | $50

      The way humans treat animals says so much about their character. Your work is important. Thank you from my son and I.

      Elizabeth Forson | $50

      This is a gift for my lovely mum, Elizabeth, who is the best mum and who loves chimpanzees and is so grateful for the work you do. xx

      Matthew Hull | $50/M

      Thank you for the wonderful work you do. I have just watched the BBC documentary and tears of joy and sadness. I hope my donation helps protect our beautiful cousins for years to come

      Diana | $50

      Tracy Kinasewich | $50

      Thanks for looking after this little fellow. I hope that he continues to thrive under your care. It sounds like he enjoys playing with his new playmates!

      Maria | $50

      I just watched your BBC documentary. You are doing such amazing work and it is clear how much you love and are passionate for the chimpanzee's survival. It brings me to tears knowing what these poor babies go through but so happy to see you and your wonderful team changing their lives for the better.


      We saw your TV series and we wish you all the very best with the superb work you are doing. How wonderful to have connected with your passion and be doing something intensely positive in the world.


      Fantastic documentary on BBC EARTH Baby Chimp Rescue. Well done to all involved.

      Lynn | $50

      Fell in love with Max and so happy I found LCRP. Will be with Max forever 💚

      Cian | $50

      We loved watching Johnny's recovery on the show. Thanks for all you do. Cian in Ireland

      Chris Alves

      Came across your sanctuary from watching the BBC documentary. Desmonds, the work you do is truly amazing and I have the utter most respect in you both and your team. Thank you for all your hard work and contribution you’re making to wildlife rescue.

      Trish | $50

      Dear Jenny and Jimmy, I have been so moved by youre story on the BBC and youre journey with the baby chimps and the others involved. All the helpers and dogs, I have a dog who saved my life due to clinical depression, and I know the depth of love animals give. I find it heartbreaking to watch and to know about the abuse of baby chimps and other animals in the wild. But it helps to know of the incredible work you are doing and I am happy to adopt so that it may help with feeding etc. It has been amazing too to learn so much about chimps. They are so clever and almost human. Kind Regards Trish and Buster (my dog:)

      Bernie | $50

      Well done for the amazing work you do!

      Sheridan Moore | $50

      God bless the Desmonds for their dedication to saving the chimps. These little creatures are one of God’s most precious souls. I am thankful there are people like you, your organization & volunteers providing aid and the love they so richly deserve as they adjust to a wonderful new life.

      Nia Zambrano | $50

      Thank you for offering us this opportunity to support Mara in honor of our sweet friend Bonn Bonn Ramsey!


      Bethan Pearce | $50

      Money donated in honour of Maria Pearce

      Sarah Harris | $50

      As a young girl when my father offered to buy me a pony. I refused but instead asked for a chimpanzee. I ended up getting neither but my love for these amazing creatures has always run deep. Thank you for the work that you are doing to ensure they get lead quality lives.

      Diana MacNeill Wegner | $50

      Thanks so much from Kids Against Animal Cruelty ❤️


      So pleased to participate

      Lena | $50

      Saw the BBC documentary and just had to sponsor a chimp. You are doing such amazing work and are truly inspiring. Keep it up. Have you moved into the jungle sanctuary yet or are you still raising funds?

      Florence Black | $50

      Chimpanzees are the most important thing in my life. They are beautiful, sweet, friendly and loving, which is why I am writing this comment and adopting gorgeous Gola. They need our protection, they are slowly dying out. It would be incredibly sad to lose them which is why this charity is so special to me. I have watched Baby Chimp Recscue over and over again, marvelling these animals. Thank you so much for what you do. Florence, age 9.

      Louise | $50

      Ybet Sanchez de Pattsion | $50

      Jim | $50


      Thank you for the opportunity to help you help these beautiful souls - I will thank you in person one day :)

      Backus Performance Academy of Gymnastics | $50/M


      Thank You for doing the work you do. The world needs more loving, caring people like you all.

      Alexandra Ozols | $50

      You are the best of people