Adopt A Chimp

Your contribution through virtual adoption goes directly to help feed, house and care for the chimpanzees at LCRP's sanctuary in West Africa! Thank for your support and generosity!

In order to maintain our "go green" policy, adoption images, profiles and certificates are sent via email. If this is a gift for someone, please ensure his/her name is included in the comment section!

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      Donor Wall672

      Helen Brown | $50

      For the Imries

      Debra | $50

      In memory of your beautiful Miracle girl, who watches over you all at LCRP ❤️

      Martin | $50

      Kate ryans | $50

      Janie | $50

      If I had the money, I'd adopt them all. Dear Mara has overcome so much, as have the others, but she's the one! Thank you for everything you're doing Liberia xx

      John | $50

      Keep up your great work.

      Denise Byrne | $50

      You guys are amazing, we love watching chimp rescue on BBC.

      Muireann Matthews

      Amazing work you are doing 💜


      Inspirational. Oscar was transfixed. Expect a call to volunteer as soon as he is old enough!

      Rosa & Emily Whalley & Windsor-Maloney | $50

      I found your story really inspiring and love ALL the chimps. My friend, Emily, and I raised the money with the help of our class at school. We have also nominated you for one of our school charities. Huge hugs to all the chimps. Rosa


      Its great to see the work ye do.i hope to be able to support ye more in the future and i will try to convince family and friends to do the same.keep up the good work

      Valerie Creegan | $50

      I saw your work on television and was so impressed.

      Orla | $50

      After watching the documentary showing the amazing work you do for animals I want to help too. You are all an inspiration for humans to look to and how we need to care for wildlife

      Harrriette Sackler | $50

      Thank you so much for the work you do.

      Kelly Sheridan | $50

      Love this organization. Keep being the wonderful people you are to these babies.

      Christie O'Halloran | $50


      Ren | $50

      Sending abundant love to the gorgeous chimpanzees that you rescue. This is truely heart-warming.


      I am beyond grateful for all you do, and over to moon to be able to help Mara in any way possible.

      Gillian | $50

      thank you for all your hard work & for dedicating your lives to save & rehabilitate these beautiful primates.

      Stuart Evans | $50

      Thank you for the wonderful work you do We are sponsoring Leo in memory of our brave beautiful dog ‘Lord Leo The Staffordshire Bull Terrier‘ who is no longer with us xxx


      Just watched your documentary and are really touched by your efforts. Especially Max put a smile on our faces. We hope that our contribution can help you in creating a more natural enviroment for the chimps.

      lee | $50

      Marit Kristine Kjønstad | $50

      You guys are the best! If only there where more people like you in this world<3 Thank you for all the good work you guys are doing.

      Teresa | $50

      Fantastic work and I admire you both. Thank you

      Sara Dryden | $50

      The way humans treat animals says so much about their character. Your work is important. Thank you from my son and I.

      Elizabeth Forson | $50

      This is a gift for my lovely mum, Elizabeth, who is the best mum and who loves chimpanzees and is so grateful for the work you do. xx

      Matthew Hull | $50/M

      Thank you for the wonderful work you do. I have just watched the BBC documentary and tears of joy and sadness. I hope my donation helps protect our beautiful cousins for years to come

      Diana | $50

      Tracy Kinasewich | $50

      Thanks for looking after this little fellow. I hope that he continues to thrive under your care. It sounds like he enjoys playing with his new playmates!