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Four weeks ago, we called upon your generosity. It was an ambitious undertaking for our small but passionate team; launching our $50,000 Action for Animals campaign, we put our faith in the kindness of you, our supporters, to help us reach our goal. As always, we've been taken aback by the overwhelmingly generous response; we reached our target several weeks before the end of the financial year, so raised our target by $5,000 to help us fund the fit-out of our rescue van. Thanks to you, we have raised $55,000 that has helped us replace our farm ute, buy a rescue van, cover our winter hay and vet costs, and fund some of the fit-out of our van.

We're so incredibly grateful.  THANK YOU!

UPDATE - 12TH JUNE 2022 - WE REACHED $50,000!

Thanks to you, we're prepared for winter vet costs, have secured our winter hay, replaced our farm ute, and are looking for a suitable rescue van! 

But it's not over yet. We've decided to push the boundaries for animals and extend the target to another $5,000. 


Any funds we raise above our original target will go towards fitting out our rescue van. We need a robust and sturdy ramp, flexible crates and storage areas to suit the many and varied animals we help - from a tiny quail to an alpaca; our rescue van will need to be flexible!

Little Oak Sanctuary is a registered DGR (Charity). This means that any donation over $2 is tax-deductible. ABN 13 957 855 464.

We've been able to secure a new ute and winter hay, thanks to you!

UPDATE - 31ST MAY 2022

Two weeks ago we set out to fundraise for a new farm ute and rescue van and cover our winter hay and vet costs. We've managed to raise $24,310 thanks to 194 other kind individuals; this will go towards our winter hay and vet costs, BUT we have a LONG WAY TO GO to fund our vehicles and honestly, I'm really worried we won't make it. 

Our 4WD farm ute has given up the ghost, and I honestly don't know how we'll manage if we can't replace it. As the bitterly cold winter descends, our animal rescue work depends on having reliable vehicles; we need them for nearly everything we do. From collecting hay and feed from our supplier, delivering feeds twice daily to our residents, carting straw for pig bedding, to undertaking life-saving rescues and taking our animals to the vets for procedures that can't be done here. The longer we try to operate without them, the harder our work gets.

Our mission is to create a more compassionate world.

Little Oak Sanctuary provides care and a safe haven for 366 animals. Winter is our busiest time of year as lambing season begins and babies are born into the bitter cold, and care needs for our senior residents increase as temperatures drop well below freezing.

We desperately need our rescue vehicles as soon as possible; the animals depend on us.

Little Oak Sanctuary is a registered DGR (Charity). Any donation over $2 is tax-deductible. ABN 13 957 855 464.

Dear friends, James and I are reaching out to you for help.  I'm asking you to chip in so that we can continue our animal rescue work and feed the animals already in our care.

We currently have 366 animals in our care, and the requests to help keep coming.  

Our trusty farm ute has been helping us for years; it's enabled us to perform rescues, collect feed, hay runs, and more, travelling almost 400,000 kilometres. But now it has broken down; it has so many problems that it's unfeasible to fix. Witho
ut our ute, we can't tow our animal trailers, undertake animal rescue, nor can we take our larger animals to vet appointments or evacuate them if we need to.

With the increased number of animals in our care, our costs for feed, medical supplies, veterinary expenses, and shelters are mounting. Every dollar you donate goes straight to our precious animals; we receive no government funding.

We want to be able to continue the work we do but need your help.

With the sanctuary's growing demands, we've realised we need two vehicles for animal rescue and transport, feed collection and towing our large animal trailers. We hope to purchase a ute and a van so that we're not left stranded if one vehicle is in for repairs or out on a rescue mission. We've crunched the numbers, and a ute and van that can manage all of these tasks and be reliable will cost us around $30,000. Our winter feed, veterinary and animal care costs add a further $20,000 to these costs, meaning we need to raise $50,000.

Our rescue van will feature images of our residents so that our message of compassion will be seen wherever we goWe helped end a backyard breeding program this year by taking in over 80 chickens and roosters. Not only have these birds been given a haven, but we've spared generations of birds.

Joe, a thirteen-year-old sheep, Virgil, a fourteen-year-old goat, and Didge, a twenty-four-year-old ex-racehorse, are just three aged animals currently in our care. At Little Oak Sanctuary, we provide care and support to farmed animals to live out their natural lifespan, something they are rarely afforded outside of a sanctuary.

These are just a few of the hundreds of animals that we have been able to save and care for at Little Oak. It is only through your generosity that we can do this.

So I'm asking you to help chip in towards our goal of $50,000 to enable us to continue the valuable work at Little Oak Sanctuary.

Even a small contribution from each of you would get us there; please help us keep saving lives.

We receive no government funding; we are entirely reliant on your help. Every dollar you donate goes straight to the animals and is tax-deductible (if over $2).

Please let us know you have contributed below after you have donated, and please remember to share this post far and wide. We need you. The animals need us.

Kate & James

Co-Founders, Little Oak Sanctuary

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Erin | A$50

Keep up the amazing work!

Sans Souci care | A$50

Thank you for everything you do for our beautiful animals. Lots of love to you all ❤️

Briony & Adrian Mattheeusen | A$10

Felicity Tepper | A$100

Jian Hao Eric Tan | A$1,000

Press on and I hope this sum will help you reach the target!

Joanna | A$100

Gaynor | A$500

In awe of you who make such a huge difference.

Jacqueline | A$100

I stumbled across your great work on Instagram and I just love what you do! I will be spreading the word amongst my online community and I just hope it adds that extra bit of help to all those beloved furry friends! What good humans you are!

Anne | A$100


Matthew | A$50

Mohamed | A$30

Thank you for the amazing work you do. I hope this small donation helps reach your goal for a new van..

Putu Cahya | A$25

Thank you for all that you do - Love you guys!

Wendy Doyle | A$500

Keep up the great work Kate & James!

Amanda | A$50

Thank you for all that you do.


terry | A$150

Liza | A$50

Thank you for all your work! I hope this small contribution helps

Jay T Stone | A$100

Best wishes and thanks for all that you do. I sincerely hope you are able to raise $50,000.

Justine | A$50

Sue | A$25

christine fenwick | A$30

Thank you for all you do 💓

Danette O'Brien | A$50

Towards your van. I hope it helps a little towards reaching your goal. Thank you for all that you do.

Myrna Ellery | A$10

Vicki Schnabl | A$50

Thank you for all you do 🥰

Cheryl Marston | A$100

Sally Kasparek | A$50

Charlotte Camer | A$20

Thank you for all that you do

Mary | A$1,000

Thank you for being there for the animals.

Alecia | A$100


Good luck in securing enough funding for the new vehicle