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    A Decade of Saving Rhino Birthday Fundraiser

    Give the gift of a future to a species under siege.  And stand the chance to win a once in a lifetime experience!!


     “If we could save the life of one orphaned rhino calf…..”  the words of our founder, Arrie van Deventer 10 years ago when the World’s first rhino orphanage was born.  And here we are a decade later, countless rhino lives saved, many already released back into reserves and even a calf born from an orphan and a wild rhino pair.  But also, many young rhinos still under our care and the ever-watchful eyes of our anti-poaching and security.  The rhino war is far from over and so is our huge responsibility to a species on the brink of collapse.

    We look forward to the new chapter about to begin on a new property, a paradise for our rhino.  The buildings are up and infrastructure is starting to take shape but the expenses have been astronomical, worsened by a burdened South African economy.  There were many unexpected surprises in the last couple of weeks on the new property, like areas flooding and not draining properly after the amazing rain we have had across the country, forcing us to move and rebuild some areas and structures.   These surprises have chased up our bills and chewed away at our limited funds.  We also have to look ahead for the next couple of months at other factors apart from the expenses of relocation like intensive monitoring over a larger area, stress maintenance for the animals after the big move, more accommodation for carers and volunteers, expansion of camps for unreleasable rhinos like Thula and Kolisi, winter supplementary food provision especially after the big move, more storage, larger travelling costs to get supplies, the list is endless.  As always, any donation no matter the size will make a huge difference.

    Donate to this fundraiser and stand a chance to win a 2 night stay for 2 adults (no minors due to the nature of our work) at the orphanage, helping our carers to clean, prepare milk and food, monitoring rhinos and meeting some of the orphans you have learn to love on our social media pages.

    For every ZAR750 donated (US$50, AUD66, GBP38 and EUR44) you will receive 1(one) entry into our lucky draw. (i.e. US$100 = 2 entries, US$150 = 3 entries).

    The fundraiser will run for the entire month of June with the lucky draw on 10 June 2022.

    Prize will be redeemable in 2023 only and the draw will be open to local and international donors.

    Prize includes twin accommodation for 2 adults, with 2 breakfasts and 2 dinners included.  Travel expenses, lunch and beverages for winner’s own account.

    Terms and conditions apply