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Donor Wall235

Billy | $17

Thanks Brother. Not much, Jerry's Kid here. LoL. God Bless and been with u along time. Good stuff ty D.N. and Fam

Christine | $5

No King but Jesus

flor solasz | $50

Thomas | $500

Dustin, there are few Men of Integrity who speaks such things. I admire you as a person for such integrity, morals, and courage in times of these. God has given us all a purpose in this inspiring age. God bless you and your family.

Lola Mitchell | $10

Trout Fishing At Hood Park | $25

You do the greatest of work Dustin. Due to my own story I think of your family often. Life isn't easy for anyone. Finding that thing you look forward to, everyday, is key to bringing an aura that is positive to all. I appreciate what you do and what you bring to us. #Trump2020

Kerry Summers | $20/M


No Understand Q without U 😀🇺🇸🎺🇺🇸🎺


Keep up the Great work, Love your wife and family, Praise God.

Stephen | $15

Keep up the good work. Unity is critical. As Shakespeare said, "the truth will out".

richard | $10/M

wish i could do more ty for what you do!

Anonymous | $10/M

We deeply appreciate the work you do and your very obvious intelligence and integrity. TY!

Guy Demory | $50

Douglas Friedman | $50

Linda Ann Isaacson | $50

Thank you for being a great example of what the male spirit should be. Love to you and your family from Tennessee.

Joe Dirt | $5


Brian | $25

Hey Dustin I love your service to others. please please check this out and be careful talking about it if at all at this time. Just be aware

Ken Hinnenkamp

Could not find your PO box to donate silver.

andrew kerr | $100

Its happening bro. love from Scotland.

andrew kerr | $100

Its happening bro. love from Scotland.

Tommy carroll

Dustin, There are SOOO many Q groups on FACEBOOK. The admins of the groups are censoring people and choosing what is allowed to be posted! We need your help! The EGO OF THESE ADMINS ARE SUPPRESSING THE MESSAGE FROM Q! PLEASE... help us promote our Uncensored Qanon group!!! Completely Uncensored Qanon group!

Connie Grimm | $20

Stacey | $50

Melinda | $10

Anonymous | $5