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Aaron | $20

Thank you for inspiring! -The Good Guy

Chee [email protected] | $17/M

I have been listening to you and have learned a lot from your talk. I like your product very much too. I have been buying C60 from your website. Great product! I have also recommended the product to my friend. Thank you for your work. Keep up the good work!


Love your work mate. Was with you on Patreon but left after the Sargon debacle! Looking forward to a boat tour, sounds like a great lifestyle. Cheers.

Terry Emery | $500


This grandmother has been waiting for someone(s) like you for a very long time. Please accept my heartfelt support as a donor to your APEX Health Club and your manifold Mission work in so many other very important areas at this time of major transitions.HeartEnergy support to you and your loved ones daily from this heart..

George | $17/M

Thank You for your work, I hope that many more people support your great news!

Tim | $25

Bless you brother!

Tina | $20

Thanks for all the health-related information. Keep up the good work!

Paul Schaefer | $100

Hi Dustin, Thankyou for all you do. Such wisdom on young shoulders. At the end of the day I think/know it will all work out. There will be some pain/suffering in the process. For those of us who understand what needs to happen, we will handle it with love, gratitude and compassion. First time contributing and it is with you! I have been into this for 24 years and follow a lot of people! Love what you do. Cheers Shafes..

Gina Cross | $50

Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family Dustin. I feel like you are part of my family. Keep up your great informative video's.

Anonymous | $50

Merry Christmas to you and family! Elaine

Amy | $10

Thank you for all you do! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Lisa | $10/M

Ron | $50

Thanks's reassuring to hear Your commentary. Merry Christmas to You and Family..!! P.s. say a prayer for us in Calif.

George McKee | $10/M

Mike | $25

I saw my fist DM video this evening. I am donating 25 bucks. Maybe I will watch more videos tomorrow. Hang gliding is not a crime!

Farmanon | $50

Frances | $25

Donna | $25

Hugo Muller | $25

Love your work and dedication, your daughter, and your voice, and courage. I'm from Montreal, Canada and the only person, President Trump, and the only team, Q are our only hope to save our way of life. All the best to the patriots. Hugo Muller.

Fr. Jun Jungco, OFM | $25

From Fr. Jun - Catholic priest in the Philippines God bless your mission Regards to Athena. Children are angels.

Angela Avans | $50

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gina Cross | $25

Thank you again Dustin, love listening to your videos! You are doing a very good job keeping us informed. Keep up the awesome work. Remember, Jesus loves you.

Connie Ogle | $25

Larry Weinman | $100

Kathy Kimberlin | $25


you've been one of my go to sources for awhile - now I discover you are a fellow autism advocate / truth- speaker. You have my energetic and monetary support - keep up the good work! Frog's Mom


Jennifer | $25

I appreciate your clear cut, delineation of the Q Drops. Also where do you live to get so much snow?

Mona | $25/M

Enjoy and appreciate all you do! Had to edit my credit card so that’s why your seeing me post.