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        This goes to Support the Nemos News Network

        Donor Wall119

        MzLiberty Ratt | $10

        Jennifer Olds | $17/M


        Lyle Petersen | $17/M

        Linda Ann Isaacson | $30

        thank you to all the truth tellers from a retired nurse who was fired from her last job for refusing the flu vaccine

        Lori | $200

        Try not to burn your candle at both ends. Your light is to bright. Take care of yourself & family first! Much Love My Friend.

        Robert Kennedy

        John | $50

        Inspired by the spirit to send you this gift for the truth you share. Your truely honest. Thank you.

        Nick Kovacic | $5

        What you say and do comes from your heart.... that kind of honesty is never easy in the real world

        Anonymous | $17/M

        Yo i got your BACK! Ive lost much freedom to this parisitic system...And not for no creep shit lol you know....we know what happens to them when they come thru the gate lmao...we'll talk more later🇺🇸

        Donna | $17/M

        Thank you for all you do. I am 61 years old and have learned a lot about making my own supplements with the liposomal. You are amazing.

        Todd | $17/M

        I’ve been following your channel on YouTube since the blue robe days on my crappy old apple 4s phone. Just upgraded to the x and figured out how to donate. 🤓 Your selfless willingness to assist other channels when they are down or just getting home not the fight is probably what I admire the most about you. Keep up the great work.

        Sarah Boggs | $17/M

        Donna Curtis | $100

        Mona Godfrey | $17/M

        Will | $17/M

        Keep up the truth!😇 Call out from (Q)na IDAHO. IBEW 291. Electricity w/ Communications will keep us UNITED.

        Garrett | $17

        Keep up the good wirk Justin! You inspire me to be a better human being and Patriot. Thank you for everything you do! WWG1WGA 🇺🇸👊🏼

        Anonymous | $17/M

        Monthly donations for Nemos News Network. May God bless this project! I pray that the Lord has mercy on our nation - we are in great need of it.

        Leon van Rossum | $17/M

        Keep up the great work! Some focus on cryptocurrencies would be nice from time to time (potential financial freedom for the 'little guy' & understanding pro's of blockchain vs current financial (ponzi scheme) system). Best of luck with the Network!

        Belinda Turner | $3/M

        I know it's not much but I'm currently in a major health crisis. 24/7 volcano like headaches. I haven't been able to work for over a year. Specialists+ are baffled. You're doing great work. Take care of you and family. 🇺🇸🐸🇺🇸

        Sarah Boggs | $17/M

        Adriana Ross | $17/M

        Joseph Andrade | $50/M

        Julie | $20

        THANK YOU for all you do, Dustin! I'm deeply appreciative of your intelligence and also your warmth as a human being. You make a real difference in this world--it's inspiring. All best to you and yours! And Athena is perhaps the cutest baby ever!

        Doug Gregory | $10/W

        Gerben | $40

        Mimi Nn | $10

        I deeply appreciate and look forward to your MAGA updates. Keep up the great work!

        Gina | $25

        Great job Dustin, keeping us informed. Love your work!

        JackieD Groning | $5/M

        AtomicM | $25

        Wish I could donate $100 per month! Dustin deserves it! The Health Info itself is priceless 👍 Let’s do a pledge/challenge for the next four months, Patriots...hmmm? 🙂 Please match my donation, or, even better, add a $1 or $2 above my donation 😘 Love ya, Patriots ❤️ Truly. You’re the only ones I can talk to. Clearly red pilling people is NOT my strength 🙃😋 DON’T READ BELOW IF IN A BAD MOOD. OR FEELING DISCONSOLATE ❤️❤️❤️ It’s just me ranting 😬❤️❤️ $25 is a LOT in my currency (the South African Rand), otherwise I’d donate much more 🙂 I know most are struggling (you have NO idea how VERY tenuous things are for us here).....but if you could spare a dollar or two, Dustin is someone who REALLY deserves it xxx ❤️❤️❤️ If Dustin were a “leftist” YTuber, struggling because of censorship, his subscribers would be clamoring over each other to donate (never mind causing a huge furor about this blatant cruelty by YT). It makes me SO sad that we don’t do the same for OUR much maligned, non frivolous, principled group of Patriots, who bring us the TRUTH, despite the risk to themselves and their families 💔