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Donor Wall231

Anonymous | $100

Jesus is King.

Christi Ellingson | $100

Marga | $200

lena Morgan

Please keep up your great work! As a father and family and PATRIOT! God be with you

George Bowles

I'm loving your content! The little "intrusions" of your family just makes it so personal.

Matt Cinquanta | $17.17/M

Thank You for your Courage and Contribution toward Saving Our Country and Our Freedom.

Dennis Looker | $50

This is all I can afford. Pleased to help weed the truth from lies. WWG1WGA..Canada.

Pamela Williams | $17/M

Mark | $50

Michelle | $17

Thank you 🙏🇦🇺😁

Michelle | $17/M

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am new to searching out, and finding the reliable sources, and you have moved me. I know that you put everything on the line, including your family safety and security, to get the truth out there for us. i just cannot articulate strongly enough, what that means to me, and wish i could do far more. I am overwhelmed by your love and perseverance. Please hug your wife for me. What amazing Patriots you are, doing what most people cannot bring themselves to do. My prayers of safety and comfort, are with you and your loved ones!

Julie Sadler | $25/M

Keep up the great work!

David | $50

Am with you Dustin, for true reporting, the Bill of Rights and the defence of the U.S. Constitution.

Steve Alvarez | $17/M

I stand with you for Freedom and honest reporting to expose the Deep State, etc.

Anonymous | $20/M

Dustin, glad to hear that all of this satanic and devilish stuff has made you reconsider Christianity. But only God can really protect you and your family, so I hope you become a Christian by simply acknowledging you are a sinner and believing that Jesus Christ died for your sins, was buried, and resurrected (1 Corinth 15:1-4). God bless!

Bob Dunn | $25

Silent Tree Naturals | $17

Thank you for all you all do! may God continue to Bless you and yours!

Ella | $17/M

Thank you!! WWG1WGA!!

Karina | $20

WWG1WGA Greetings from Germany! Stay strong, I believe in a change 🇺🇸🇩🇪

Eric | $20




Praying for you and your family xxx

Su Chin Tan | $10

Thank you Dustin Nemo for sharing out all the Truth

Denise | $100

They’re running scared & their attack on you is only evidence you are a threat to their agenda. Praying for you & your family🙏

Marsha | $17

ThanQ for what you do! No one can take your place.

Maggi Daly | $100

When your strength & resolve wanes, rest in knowing there’s an army of believers and supporters you have awakened. You are one of this era’s folk heros! ❤️

Hendrik Horlings | $10/M

5 by 5 I would like to donate $5 to Dr Judy Mikovits and $5 to your Channel for interviewing her. It would be amazing for everyone to do the same to help her recover her losses and for you promoting what everyone needs to know. As I do better I will be able to help out more but for now I hope every little bit helps. Thanks Dustin.

adam magoun | $17/M

Dustin, thanks for all the level-headed analysis. I appreciate what you continue to do to help expand the universe. You have found wisdom in creating something unique and then enhanced it to grow exponentially as an essential component of the project. I think of the circular shapes in the golden ratio, I think of the flower of life patterns in nature. Thank you. What you are doing is an art to be awed at and admired and your canvas in the akashic records is already a masterpiece. Can't wait to visualize it 20 years from now. Happy to contribute a small part. -Adam Magoun

Arlene | $25

Thanks for sharing your insights on a consistent and professional basis. I love your videos. WWWG1WWGA!

Timothy murphy | $17/M

I hope you are doing well. I heard you say yesterday that now you believe in God because you the evil and wickedness of this world. I'm so happy Dustin. Jesus Is My Savior and the prince of peace. God bless you Dustin. Love Tim from Michigan and my wife Kim too. Trump2020