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Dustin Nemos 

I fight Opioids because it destroyed my family. Down to their very souls.
I fight Big Pharma because they are Destroying Health
I Spread principles of Voluntaryism and Free Market Economics to spread freedom and prosperity.
I spread knowledge to fight suffering.
I took a stand. Will you?

"I will persist until I succeed"

"I don't want war, but if it must come. Let it come in my time, so that my children may know peace."

A Conversation About The State of the World.
YouTube: Dustin Nemos
Twitter: DustinNemos
Carbon60, The Biggest Breakthrough in Health Since Antibiotics (And more!)
Cutting Edge Health Information

Have you heard about the Nemos News Network?

My Dream is to channel my passion and that of others like myself into an team of Truther Spartans who will take the political fight to the big leagues and represent truth and always offer a platform for controversial topics that powerful players don't want seen or heard.

If you support this goal and want to see what I am capable of with a little funding and the right team, then consider supporting my work via or shopping patriot with our sponsor 

The QAnon Story. QAnon: An invitation to the Great Awakening (available here:

If your why is big enough, you can bare any how.

Let's Change the World.

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Claudia | $9/M

Love and respect your hard work and much needed content so we may know the Truth and pray and share accordingly. Thank you from Connecticut!

Linda Ann Isaacson | $17

So much gratitude to you for your fight against evil. We all do our part but some of you are on the front lines and take a bigger hit.

Bruce Allen | $20

mark | $20

Keep up the good fight Bro, WWG1WGA, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter, Thanks for what you do.

Alexander | $200

Your courage and discernment are appreciated. Glad to help a fellow warrior.

John Marugg | $200

Christy Smith | $100

Keep up the good fight, Dustin! I hope you are able to get your store back up and running. God bless!! #WWG1WGA

javier gonzalez | $2/M

Mark | $50

Semi prepper, built a few small cheap efficient geothermal systems for my backyard greenhouses. Fun! Thanks for all you’re doing!

Jill | $5/M

Hope this helps a little retired

Claire | $50

Thank you for reporting true facts and not being biased. Yours and InfoWars are the only news channels I follow. Nothing else can be trusted.

Laurie Laser | $20

Thank you Dustin and Ping! You are awesome. Love you both and those two adorable babies you made.

Damage Inc. | $10

We Love You !!!

Anonymous | $25

Best news on the internet.

Anonymous | $100

Anonymous | $25

Keep up the great work Dustin! Hugs and prayers to you and your family from California!

Donna Powers | $75

Mimi | $25

Congratulations on your new baby and thank you for your patriotic works.

Mary Ann Labreche | $50

Congratulations on your son!

Joe Rooney | $15

Deb D | $11.11

God bless you and your family with safety and protection. Thank you for all you do for humanity.

Jeff | $25

Thank you, on fixed income wish it were more.

Christopher Langton | $18/M

Feel free to use some of this to stop bit burning brother.


Sandra | $250

Thank you for all that you do. Merry Christmas and God Bless You.

Gina | $100

Thank you for all you do Dustin. Much love to you and your family!

Monica Fee | $10

Paul Gosselin | $17/M

Keep your loved ones close protect the weak with your lives if necessary and love God. Fear not for he is here and he knows what is in your heart. Pray for Nemos, Trump and all who have once strayed and have chosen good over evil .

George | $17/M

Great work Dustin! Best wishes from Wales.


Maybe your atty could get a Court-ordered INJUNCTION to stop Youtube Corp from censoring all those who aren't economically viable since Youtube is itself CAUSING that "NON-economically viability" themselves by demonetizing , etc! Indeed, Youtube Corp is INTENTIONALLY causing theeconomic damage to you and others and then using that as an excuse to terminate! This is worthy of huge PUNITIVE DAMAGES Award as well as an injunction! Keep up the great work, Dustin!!