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Lethal isn’t a word you would normally associate with loneliness. Sadness, certainly. Misery, maybe. Depression and long-term health issues, more than likely. But lethal? Yet loneliness and isolation have been described as our nation’s most lethal condition[i].

With 9 million people across the country affected by loneliness and isolation we are facing an epidemic.

Perhaps you know someone who is socially isolated, or you might be experiencing loneliness yourself. With the long winter months upon us this will only get worse, particularly for the elderly and vulnerable.

At Church Urban Fund, we are working with our partners to tackle this epidemic of loneliness in local communities. From bereavement services to Places of Welcome, to projects like Men's Sheds, we are holding out a hand of hope and practical action in more than 500 projects around the country, supporting the lonely and isolated in our communities.

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There are lots of reasons why people fall into loneliness and isolation, but Chris, in his early 60s, hadn’t expected to be one of them. Having led a full and active life, he was hit particularly hard when he was forced to take early retirement due to ill health. 


“Just over a year ago I was a very different person. I had a very busy career as an auditor and trainer. My job involved meeting people and lots of travel which I loved. I had lots of hobbies, particularly around wood working and carpentry. But over time I could feel my hands and joints seizing up. Suddenly I couldn’t hold a drill. I couldn’t even hold a kettle of water."

"What followed was a life-changing conversation with my doctor. Rheumatoid arthritis was having a devastating effect on my joints. My doctor asked about my plans for taking early retirement. I mentioned my love of working with wood, power tools and such things. His prognosis of me ever using power tools again was bleak."

"Living on my own, I missed meeting other people. I found I was losing my self-worth, sitting in a chair all day watching day-time TV. I was lonely. I began to get depressed, and eventually was diagnosed with clinical depression."

"When out shopping one day I saw an ad for the Men’s Shed in Norfolk - that was it! I was down there immediately and to be honest I haven’t looked back since. The Men’s Shed is a community space for men to meet up, to talk and to make things all supported by Church Urban Fund, and other partners. I’m back to using my hands, I’m able to stand up again. My energy and stamina levels are being boosted. Unlike a year ago, I’m not seizing up like I was, and without question, I put that down to the fact that I’m doing physical things again and I’m keeping active."

"Coming here is a big positive for me! I can’t overestimate how important this project has been both mentally and physically for me."

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Loneliness and isolation can affect anyone at any stage of life, that’s why we need your help today so that we can be there for as many people as need our help and support.

If you need any help in making your donation, please give Trudy a call on 020 7898 1649, or email here.

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[i] https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/loneliness-lethal-condition-therapy-psychology-cox-commission-ons-health-a8311781.html

[ii] Research has shown that a lonely person is 50% more likely to die prematurely than one who has healthy social interactions. Loneliness and social isolation have also been associated with conditions such as coronary heart disease, dementia and stroke.

This is a true testimony from a beneficiary. Names and images have been changed to protect anonymity.

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Helen | £52.16

I am more and more concerned for the marginalised and isolated people and hope this helps

Stephen Jones | £2,500

A donation in memory of Brian & Rosalind Jones who were supporters of CUF throughout their lives.

Stella Hilary | £31.39

this is in memory of Peter Milligan who died a few weeks ago and wanted gifts to be made to you - like him I am a long-time supporter of CUF.


Ted Partridge | £55

In memory of Peter Milligan

Ted Partridge | £55

In memory of Peter Milligan


Such a needed initiative. There is a loneliness epidemic and we need to address it.