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If 5G isnt already installed on your home, it soon will be if YOU dont stop it!

In fact now during Lock Down 5G is being Fast-Tracked everywhere!

Our phone is ringing off the hook with parents and residents across the US who are desperate to stop these unapproved, harmful technologies from being installed on their homes, neighborhoods, schools and workplaces.

Up till now we have been operating as out of pocket volunteers.

Due to recent unprecedented demand for answers we started www.5Gfree.org to be your one stop shop for 5G Activist Training and Legal Support. No one else is offering this support in the US.

We are currently working to set up a user friendly website with the exact documents, training and access to legal support that you and your communities will need to be 5G Free.

We need immediate cash flow to move and keep moving forward. We are specifically asking for $50,000 to finish our action based website; to design and produce a complete '15 Step How to Stop or delay 5G Guidebook' and 5G Free Activist Video Training; to launch educational and outreach campaigns; to pay for legal support; and to meet the rapidly increasing volume of people desperate to be free of 5G.

With over 60,000 satellites being launched into our atmosphere, and the plans to blanket every square inch of the planet--5G presents humanity with an inescapable attack of life threatening EMF radiation.

5G is an immediate existential crisis that both you and humanity are all facing together right now.

And, its not too late to stop 5G, in fact we have many success stories, and are winning cases around the globe on a daily basis. We do however need your financial support to take on the monoliths in their fields. If you can't be active in this movement any donation will be put directly to work for us. We are a 100% volunteer based organization.

Through 5G Free's movement you have the power to be free of 5G! Invest in us, Invest in positive change, Invest in your future.

Help us help you--because we are all in this together!

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Click on https://5gfree.org/groups/ to see how you get get actively engaged with your local community and start protecting your city!

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      Amy | $5/M

      Nicole Galeano | $208

      Thanks for your wonderful work and all of your help so far.

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      Mark Wahl

      CLEAR WA group encourages you with your project

      Nathan | $52.23

      I saw you on Josh del Sol show and was very impressed with your work!

      Claudia Zait | $51.17

      5G Summit & Solutions For Humanity

      So grateful for your work Mandy & team, we fully support your organization!!