VA 2nd Amendment Lobby Day






Team Ducote is headed to Virginia for the January 20, 2020 Lobby Day to stand up to the Democrat Governor and legislature who are attempting to pass an unconstitutional gun ban and confiscation bill. We will be there covering this historic event live from the ground. Please consider making a contribution towards our travel and equipment rental expenses. We hope to see you there, Patriots.

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"Protecting The Pledge, LLC" is a Louisiana limited liability company. Our EIN number is 84-1821761. These donations are not tax deductible. "Protecting The Pledge, LLC" is not providing a product or service in exchange for this donation.

Donor Wall71

Ronald | $10.70

Thank you for speaking the truth!

Jennifer Mims Hayes | $26.27/M

God bless America Land that I Love

Rick Werdt | $25

Good Job with the Senator interview. Thanks for putting up with all that to give us the facts we can trust.

Victoria Forest | $10.70

Thank You and your team for all you are doing for those of us unable to afford such. Wish it could have been more. WWG1WGA GOD BLESS US ALL

Ellen Fuqua | $10.70

Good Work Doug and Crew

Frank Loiacono | $26.27

Keep up the fight, strength in numbers. Semper FI.

Susan Coelho | $10.70

The Biggest Thank You to Doug D. and the Whole Crew from a Loyal Patriot and Trump and Law Enforcement Supporter. Love and Peace.

Jo | $21.08

Thank you! God Bless you!

Robert | $21.08

roxanne | $10.70

Thank you! Be safe! Praying for all the patriots!

Ernie Smith | $26.27

Thank you for giving American Patriots the truth, Thank you for your service, God Bless you Douglas your family and your team.

Fred Kutchinsky | $10.70


John Sexton | $52.23

Thank you Team Ducote for all you do to bring us the eye opening content that is wanting to destroy America! Thank you for being part of this very large event in not only Virginia's history, but all of America as well, because this will prove to the MSM that we pro 2A people are not the monsters and enemies of America that they portray us as!

Daniel | $10.70

Great coverage. Watching from New Jersey. Go Trump.

Patricia Via | $10.70

Thank you & your beautiful WIFE for coming here (VA)! Welcome to our state in disarray!

STEVE REZBA | $10.70

Phil | $31.46

Thank you !!

Rhoda | $26.27

Dave Schmidt | $52.23

Be safe be vigilant. God Speed.

Chuck | $57.42

America is in a state of pre-war psych ops build up. Which war is coming? Civil War II or War on terror II targeting the rest of the planet who don't like American Marxist pop culture trash. WE CREATED THIS BEAST, GIVING DEEP STATE OPERATIVES TOO MUCH POWER.

Robert | $26.27

Watch your 6, buddy...

Cole | $10.70

Thank you for all you do for America. Be safe and God’s speed.

Vanessa | $52.23

Be safe Patriot; and know many who can't travel are wishing they were there and walking behind you in spirit.

Donald | $26.27

patrick Werner | $52.23/M

Thanks Doug, people like you are where I go to now for " the News". All MSM Fox too is controlled by Big Brother. I will be At the Richmond Rally too. I am standing on the Capital grounds as well. Don't let these traitors scare you off. WE ARE THE MANY, they are the few.

fred | $16.10

FRED / $15.20 thanks for your solid efforts to keep us safe with all that is taking place. many of us are unable for one reason or another to do and keep up with the threats on us . you are a go to for info..

RAQUEL | $10.70

Marianne | $21.08


Derek Fritsche | $26.27

Thank you Doug!!! Keep fighting the good fight. I’m a Navy veteran and I’m with you 100%!!! Stay safe out there brother!!!

Chris Walker | $52.23