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Thank you for helping to change the world! 

The planet is heating up and Marine Permaculture can help cool it down. Your donation goes toward supporting Marine Permaculture in the Philippines, where we are expanding our seaweed arrays.

Photo from our recent trial in the Philippines of our Tropical seaweed forests producing a marine bounty, including fish habitat, and fixing CO2 .  Photo credit: Climate Foundation (c) 2020.


The planet is getting too warm and the ocean is feeling it the most, with 93% of the global warming heat going into the ocean. Because of the warming oceans, seaweed around the world is dying. But by mimicking Mother Nature, we can draw down CO2 with Marine Permaculture. 

Marine Permaculture irrigates seaweed on a floating array with deep water.  The seaweed creates ecosystems, while absorbing CO2. Then the seaweed is dropped into the middle and deep ocean, where the ocean holds the carbon for hundreds to thousands of years.  

At the Climate Foundation, we are building upwelling Marine Permaculture arrays and it’s working! The seaweed is growing faster on our arrays compared to the traditional local seaweed farms. This faster growth is providing essential ecosystem support- now we have fish inhabiting the array and laying eggs, along with larger, predatory fish, dolphins and plankton-eating whale sharks!  


Together, with our supporting partner, 2040, we can make vanishing ecosystems thrive, regenerate seaweed forests that absorb tens of tons of CO2 per acre per year,  help seaweed farmers and fishermen have livelihoods and help sustain growing populations. This scaling effort will unlock the path to commercial-scale financeable Marine Permaculture regenerative projects. 


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 We are very happy to also acknowledge the support from the Grantham Trust, Just One Tree and Dr. Bronner’s and other wonderful donors.


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