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2023 Pet Prescription Team Big Round-Up

Want to make a difference in the world? Most of us yearn for a sense of meaning or purpose in life. The volunteers of the Pet Prescription Team not only make a difference but the dogs along their side have a lasting impact. Pet Prescription Team volunteers offer compassion and comfort to each individual they touch during visitations through the Pet Prescription Team organization.

The Pet Prescription Team organization recently started the 20th Annual Big Round Up fundraising campaign which is a yearly donation campaign that entails 4 weeks of highlighting and support for various projects they offer and the funds needed to support those programs. As a 501(c)(3) Certified Charity whose mission is “Healing Hearts Through Pet’s.”, we’re very excited to involve our community in our latest fundraising efforts.

There is no doubt the services the Pet Prescription Team offers to the community it serves are vast and varied. There's nothing more valuable than hearing from peers about their experiences with this organization. A recent letter we received from one of the Prosecutors from the Attorney General’s office stated the benefits the Pet Prescription Team dogs offer during trials.

I am a dog lover and to be honest, I think the dogs comfort me as much or more as the victims. Dealing with this level of trauma every day can be taxing and so much rides on me at the sentencing ; I can’t tell you how much I love seeing the PPT dogs on those days. You are truly doing God’s work.  Thank you.

For the next Month starting on August 30th and ending on September 28th we are asking for your support. Each weeks donations will go toward a specific need of the Pet Prescription Team organization.

Week One: 

To raise annual funds  for the General Fund. These funds will then go toward the organization’s annual revenue goal. This campaign will take place during the first week.

Week Two:

Faith Dog Project. “The Faith Dog Project” in memory of Brielle Murray and her dog Faith. Brielle was a member of the PPT organization and passed away from a very rare form of cancer known as RMS.The Faith Dog Project hands out stuffed Faith dogs to children in oncology battling cancer. Through this project, Brielle lives on as these little stuffed dogs encourage and give hope to all those that receive one in her memory. This campaign will take place during the second week.

Week Three: 

“There’s No Place Like Home” project. This project’s goal, as well as vision, is clear: to take the time and energy to create a relaxing atmosphere for a less fortunate resident by enhancing their patient room. We help by enhancing their belongings and creating a room that is more comfortable, providing them with a lasting impression of a time in their lives that gave them hope and purpose. This campaign will take place during the third week.

Week Four: 

Recruiting new volunteers through SEO/Advertising to build back the supply of volunteers and therapy dogs for the service request of the Pet Prescription Team organization. This campaign will take place during the fourth week. 

Each week we have been blessed to have four match donors that will match all funds that we receive for each specific week.

Will you help us make our goal?