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NYC Marathon 2018

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Everyone has a story - here's ours!!!


As some of you may already know, on November 4th I will be running in the New York City Marathon. That’s right, Colin is going to run 26.2 miles. WOOF. According to the math I just did in my head, that’s equivalent to 138,336 Subway 5 Dollar Foot Long Subs, or (to sound even more daunting) 1,660,032 inches. Seems like quite the feat, no pun intended, until you take a step back and look at it through a different lens.

Ultimately, the view from this perspective is the reason why I’m training to run all of these miles, feet, and inches.  I am running the NYC Marathon for my brother, as well as every brother, sister, mother, father, son, daughter, wife and husband that has had their loved one diagnosed with Glioblastoma Brain Cancer (GBM). I am running for everyone who has ran through the hell that is GBM.  I am running for the day that we can

26.2 Reasons to give:

#1 - #20: It's as easy as reading each post of the #StacheStrong team
#21: GBM is the only cancer with 100% recurrence rate

#22: Every $50 will fund one hour of research
#23: GBM has a median life expectancy of 10-15 months.

#24: Instead of buying me a beer next time you see me just donate here
#25: Tax Deductions…
#26: Revert to numbers 1-25 and if you come back to #26, move onto the last reason
 .2: If you STILL haven’t donated and need .2 more reasons to give, just think of me with .2 miles to go 2 years ago during the marathon.  I had no feeling in my toes and fingers and I only had 1,056 feet to go (roughly 2 minutes) when I blacked out.  2 females picked me up and attempted to carry me to the finish, an act of true strength.  My body shut down and after 2+ hours in the medical tent, I finished the last .2 miles of my first marathon.  This year I've got unfinished business; this year I've got a new motivation on those last .2 miles.  THIS YEAR I WILL EMBODY #STACHESTRONG!!! It will take you less time to walk to your wallet, pull out your credit card and donate to our Marathon team...

StacheStrong is truly a lifestyle; THANKS and feel free to spread the word!!!

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