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For a $25 donation towards Coding Commanders Curriculum, you can expedite your message!  Your message will go to Commander Candy's priority inbox!  That means your message goes to the top of the list and you are guaranteed a response.  


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Don't want to send a message?

If you want to donate without sending a message, feel free to donate any amount.  Thank you for your generosity!

Programming Questions

I will guarantee answers to questions about my curriculum.  If I do not have a tutorial on it, I will still try to provide you with links and/or keywords to Google.  Search terms are to the keys to the internet's array of resources. 

Professional Opinion

You can always ask for my opinion!  I enjoy helping my coding cadets and fellow commanders.  Expect an essay-type response (probably 3-5 paragraphs, probably more if it is a topic I am passionate about).  Don't expect the response to contain analyzed data. 

Business Inquiry

Are you interested in working with Coding Commanders, but having trouble getting a response? If  you message me through here you will get a faster response and I guarantee that I will read it

Social Message

Just want to say hi or tell me a story?  I don't mind!  

About Coding Commanders

Coding Commanders creates free computer science education.  I provider user-friendly content on my website and YouTube channel that requires no mathematics or computer science background. Google: Coding Commanders or check out